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Featured Brochure: Active Travel Antarctica

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Innovative Expeditions & Adventures to Antarctica

Antarctic Peninsula, Across the Antarctic Circle, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia

Join Active Travel and One Ocean Expeditions for a voyage to Antarctica and one of life's great adventures. This extraordinary and remote southern land, sheathed in layers of ancient ice, has long fascinated the world's great explorers and scientists, and for those lucky enough to experience it first-hand, an Antarctic expedition is a remarkable journey that stays with you for the rest of your life.

Active Travel is the Australian agent for One Ocean Expeditions, an industry leader and one of the most innovative polar expedition companies in the world.

Expeditions operate during the Antarctic summer, a time of great activity with seabirds swooping through the skies, whales feeding on vast schools of krill and busybody penguins rearing their young. As much time as possible is spent off the ship - exploring in zodiac inflatable boats, going ashore for walks, visiting historic sites, scientific bases and wildlife colonies. The towering icebergs, in all shades of blue, will take your breath away.

Longer expeditions take you further a field, below the Antarctic Circle, and on to South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. These remote island groups are home to some extraordinary wildlife - beaches covered in King Penguins, Elephant and fur seal, and a profusion of sea birds in all shapes and sizes.

There are several new voyages in 2013 – including a wonderful new Christmas trip which is easily combined with South America touring. Due to popular demand, there are more 12 night voyages below the Antarctic Circle. The ground-breaking ‘Active Antarctica’ voyage returns, for the skiers, hikers, kayakers and activity buffs.

What makes Active Travel Different?

Active Travel's voyages have the most experienced team of leaders in the business including Australian Polar Medal recipient, Ray McMahon, and Andrew Prossin - a veteran of Antarctic and Arctic waters, having led over 150 expeditions south.

The two expedition ships, the Akademik Ioffe and sister-ship Akademik Sergey Vavilov, are modern and stable vessels – both well known in the Australian market - with an outstanding track record in polar exploration and navigation in Antarctica and the High Arctic. Equipped to take 115 guests, limited to just 95 per voyage.

Expeditions include well-presented lectures, an exciting range of activities, great staff and hearty meals prepared by a team of chefs.

A deep respect for the great southern land guides our attitude towards environmental protection. The team includes renowned wildlife conservationists, who have been instrumental in mobilising some of the world's most notable organisations to better protect Antarctica.

This brochure offers 21 outstanding expeditions in the Summer of 2013, starting in November and ending March 2014 - as well as a selection of South America travel options to add to your holiday. You can also find details of the High Arctic Expedition series in 2013 – featuring Greenland, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, Baffin Island and the North-West Passage, plus Spitsbergen.

Expeditions include:

• NEW – Christmas in Antarctica – 9 days (one voyage)
• NEW – Christmas in Antarctica and New Year in Buenos Aires – 14 days (one voyage)
• Marine Mammals of Antarctica – 11 days (one voyage)
• Antarctic Peninsula Adventure – 11 days (eight voyages)
• Journey Below the Antarctic Circle - 13 days (four voyages)
• Active Antarctica – Skiing, Kayaking, Hiking! - 13 days (one voyage)
• The Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula - 19 days (five voyages)

Orion voyages to New Zealand and sub-Antarctic islands

A voyage for the adventurous - New Zealand and remote sub-Antarctic islands
Join Orion's first expedition in 2014, a voyage exploring both the south island of New Zealand and rarely visited World Heritage-listed sub-Antarctic islands.

Book now to receive savings of up to 15% PLUS a $1,000 per person land/air credit

Located in the Southern Ocean, south east of New Zealand, referred to as the Albatross Latitudes, lie New Zealand's rarely visited sub-Antarctic islands. Strictly controlled, other than scientists only a limited number of visitors a year receive permits to visit, the majority arriving on the specialist expedition ship Orion.

Isolated and fragile, New Zealand's beautiful sub-Antarctic islands are unique and irreplaceable, a privilege to visit. Described by the United Nations Environment Program as "The most diverse and extensive of all sub-Antarctic archipelagos", these locations are a birders and photographers paradise, blessed with the most significant populations of many species including the Southern Royal Albatross, the Yellow-Eyed Penguin and the New Zealand Sea Lion.

This expedition combines the remote sub-Antarctic islands with south island of New Zealand highlights including visits to Dusky, Doubtful, Milford and Marlborough Sounds and the coastal towns of Akaroa, Kaikoura and Picton.

This voyage will appeal to those who prefer to participate rather than merely observe, yet who appreciate the comforts of fine dining, unobtrusive service, spacious accommodation and the company of 100 like-minded adventurous spirits. A very civilised way to travel to rarely visited and remote destinations.

Orion 2014 New Zealand and sub-Antarctic Islands

3 January 2014: New Zealand and sub Antarctic island Exploration /14 nights
Includes Dunedin, Snares Islands, Dusky and Doubtful Sounds, Milford Sound, Stewart Island, Auckland Islands, Campbell Island, Akaroa, Kaikoura, Marlborough Sound, Picton.
Fares vary by itinerary starting from: $11,030 per person for an ocean view A Stateroom, $15,205 for a Junior Suite and $23,095 for an Owners Suite.
Book now to receive savings of up to 15% PLUS a $1,000 per person land/air credit

All prices twin share.  Limited single pricing accommodation available.

Much like Orion's Antarctic explorations, itineraries, landings and access to these areas will be influenced by permits and prevailing weather conditions.

For reservations, or to obtain more information call Orion Expedition Cruises:

61-2 9033 8777 (Sydney callers) 1300 361 012 (regional and interstate) / 0800 444 462 (New Zealand) or see your travel agent. Email: